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How do I prove ownership of a car in Canada?

August 13, 2023

How do I prove ownership of a car in Canada?

Owning a car comes with a list of responsibilities. In Canada, one of the primary requirements of owning a vehicle is being able to prove that you legally own it. This is especially important if you’re considering selling, trading, scrapping, or if you find yourself in a situation where the legitimacy of your ownership comes into question.

So, how exactly does one prove ownership of a car in Canada? Let’s dive deep into this topic and unveil the different documents and means that affirm your car’s ownership.

1. Vehicle Registration Certificate:

The first and foremost proof of vehicle ownership in Canada is the Vehicle Registration Certificate. This document is issued by the provincial or territorial government where the car was registered. The certificate contains key details about the car, including its make, model, year, and VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). It also states the name and address of the registered owner.

Every time a vehicle is sold, the registration certificate needs to be updated to reflect the name of the new owner. So, if you’re purchasing a used car, ensure you receive and update this document.

2. Bill of Sale:

Another essential document that can prove the ownership of a car in Canada is the Bill of Sale. This document is handed over to the buyer by the seller during a car sale transaction. The Bill of Sale will contain vital information such as the buyer’s and seller’s details, vehicle details, purchase price, and the date of sale.

While the Bill of Sale alone may not be the definitive proof of ownership, when combined with other documents like the Vehicle Registration Certificate, it creates a more robust case.

3. Car Insurance Policy:

Your Car Insurance Policy is another paper trail that can prove your car’s ownership. Most insurance policies will list the vehicle’s details, including the name of the primary insured person, which should be the car’s owner. However, there are scenarios where the owner and the primary insured might be different (for instance, in the case of a car being gifted). Still, the policy remains a helpful document in the broader context.

4. Vehicle History Reports:

Various companies in Canada offer Vehicle History Reports. These reports, derived from the VIN, provide a detailed history of the car, including its previous owners, any accidents, and other essential details. While it’s primarily used to check the background of a used car, it can also serve as a supplementary document to prove ownership, especially when tracing back previous owners.

5. Loan or Lease Agreements:

If you’ve purchased your car through a financing option or have it on lease, the Loan or Lease Agreement can be another way to prove your car’s ownership. These agreements will have the buyer’s or lessee’s name, making them a valid proof of ownership or, at the very least, the right to possess and use the vehicle.

6. Title Document:

In some Canadian provinces, the Title Document (or equivalent) serves as proof of vehicle ownership. It is essential to understand that while a title document can prove ownership, not all provinces in Canada use them, opting instead for the Vehicle Registration Certificate.

Final Thoughts:

While having a car is a symbol of freedom and convenience, ensuring you have the right documents to prove your ownership is crucial. Whether it’s for legal reasons, selling, or even scrapping the vehicle, these papers are indispensable.

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Remember, proving ownership of your car in Canada isn’t a Herculean task. Keep your documents in order, update them as and when required, and drive with peace of mind, knowing you’re fully covered on the legal front.

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