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Do I Need a Safety Inspection to Sell My Car ‘As Is’ in Ontario?

August 11, 2023

Do I Need a Safety Inspection to Sell My Car ‘As Is’ in Ontario?

The decision to sell your car, especially if it’s in a condition less than perfect, often comes with various questions. One of the most common queries for Ontarians is whether a safety inspection is necessary to sell their car “as is”. Let’s delve deep into this topic to provide clarity and ensure your car selling experience in Ontario is as seamless as possible.

Understanding the ‘As Is’ Concept:

First, it’s essential to understand what selling a car “as is” truly means. In the simplest terms, it signifies that the vehicle is being sold in its present condition, without any warranties or guarantees. It shifts the risk from the seller to the buyer, suggesting that any issues that arise post-sale are the buyer’s responsibility.

Ontario’s Safety Standards Certificate (SSC):

In Ontario, when you’re selling a used car, it’s standard to provide the buyer with a Safety Standards Certificate (SSC). This certificate confirms that the vehicle met minimum safety standards at the time of inspection. The SSC is valid for 36 days from the inspection date and isn’t a guarantee or warranty on the vehicle.

However, the necessity of this certificate depends on how you’re selling the vehicle:

1. Selling Registered and Fit:

If you’re selling your car as registered and fit, you need to provide an SSC. This means the vehicle is ready to be on the road and meets all the safety requirements of Ontario.

2. Selling ‘As Is’:

When selling “as is,” you’re essentially stating that the car might not meet the safety standards, and it’s up to the buyer to handle any repairs or modifications. In this scenario, you do not necessarily need to provide an SSC. However, it’s crucial to be clear in your sales agreement that the car is being sold “as is.”

Why Might You Sell a Car ‘As Is’?

There are various reasons someone might decide to sell their car in “as is” condition:

  • Age and Condition: Older cars with significant wear and tear might not pass the safety inspection without substantial repairs.
  • Cost of Repairs: If the cost to repair the car to meet safety standards exceeds its value, selling “as is” becomes a sensible option.
  • Quick Sale: Some sellers prefer the swiftness of an “as is” sale, avoiding the inspection process.

Advantages of a Safety Inspection:

Even if you’re leaning towards an “as is” sale, consider the benefits of a safety inspection:

  • Higher Value: Cars with a recent SSC might fetch a better price as they’re seen as road-worthy.
  • Transparency: An SSC provides transparency to the buyer, which might speed up the sales process.
  • Less Hassle Post-Sale: An SSC reduces the chance of post-sale complications or disputes with the buyer about the car’s condition.


To sum it up, while you don’t legally require a Safety Standards Certificate to sell your car “as is” in Ontario, having one can sometimes make the process smoother and potentially more profitable. Always ensure you’re transparent with potential buyers about the condition of your vehicle and any issues you’re aware of.

If the process seems daunting or if you believe your car might be better suited for salvage or scrap, there’s an easier solution. Greenway Auto Recycling specializes in buying cars in any condition, streamlining the process and ensuring you get a fair value for your vehicle. Whether you’re selling a scrap car, seeking junk car removal, or simply wish to connect with a reputable scrap car buyer, give us a call at (416) 875-3215. We are here to assist you every step of the way.

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