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Green Way Auto Recycling is family owned Canadian recycling facility that’s been in business since 2002. Our main junkyard is located in port Perry Ontario however we service and remove scrap cars from anywhere in GTA and its surrounding areas. We have a headquarter located in Scarborough Ontario and an office in Vaughan Ontario. We are fully licensed for recycling cars and selling used parts to maintain a green and sustainable car production service. We strongly believe in green and safe operation and that’s why we choose the name Green Way Auto Recycling.

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119 Manville Rd
Scarborough, ON M1L 4J7

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are some of the most frequently asked questions from our customers.

What exactly is scrap car removal?

Scrap Car Removal refers to the service of picking up old, damaged, or unused vehicles to repurpose, recycle, or dispose of them in an eco-friendly manner.

How do I know if my car qualifies as a "scrap car"?

A scrap car is typically a vehicle that is no longer roadworthy, has significant damage, or is more expensive to repair than its current value. If your car fits any of these criteria, it likely qualifies.

How does the scrap car removal process work?

Once you contact us and provide details about your vehicle, we give you a quote. If you accept, we schedule a pick-up at your convenience. We then tow the car away and pay you the agreed amount.

How much can I get for my scrap car?

The value varies based on make, model, year, and condition. Call us at (416) 783-9026, and we'll provide a non-obligated free estimate.

I can't find my car's title. What now?

We typically require the title to verify ownership. If it's misplaced, consider contacting the ServiceOntario for a replacement.

My car isn't running. Are you still interested?

Absolutely! Whether it's purring or silent, we're here to help.

Are there any hidden fees with Scrap Car Removal?

Transparency is key for us. The price we quote is the final price. Plus, towing's on us!

How quickly can you pick up my car in Ontario?

Usually within a few hours post-call. Bear with us if it takes a tad longer – we're always aiming for speed!

Which documents should I prepare for Scrap Car Removal in Ontario?

Only the title and registration. We'll manage the rest for our Ontario clients.

What happens to my car after you take it?

Your car is brought to our junkyard facility. While some parts might be salvaged, the rest is recycled environmentally responsibly.

Found a better offer in Ontario?

Share it with us. We're always willing to review our pricing and see if we can meet or beat it.

Are there any vehicles you won't buy in Ontario?

We're open to almost anything on wheels in Ontario. However, UFOs might be an exception!

Should I remove the license plates?

Yes, kindly do so before our team arrives. You may need them later.

How is the payment made?

Simple and seamless for our Ontario clients: cash upon car pick-up.

Do I need to be present when you pick up the car?

It's preferable for the owner or a representative to be present during pick-up for a smooth transaction, but arrangements can be made if that's not possible.

Why should I choose Greenway Auto Recycling over other options?

At Greenway, we prioritize transparent dealings, competitive rates, and swift, reliable service. Our eco-friendly approach also ensures minimal environmental impact.

Can I trust online platforms for selling my scrap car?

While some platforms may be legitimate, many are riddled with scams, lowball offers, and time-wasters. By choosing a trusted service like Greenway Auto Recycling, you ensure a hassle-free and genuine transaction.

Looking to Sell Your Car?

Fully licensed and equipped, we specialize in recycling all types of scrap and junk cars. Additionally, we're interested in purchasing used cars that require repairs.