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How do I legally scrap a car in Ontario - Greenway Auto Recycling

How do I legally scrap a car in Ontario?

June 23, 2023

How Do I Legally Scrap a Car in Ontario? An Essential Guide by Greenway Auto Recycling


When a car reaches the end of its serviceable life, scrapping becomes an inevitable decision for many owners. However, scrapping a car involves more than just hauling it off to a junkyard. It’s a process that should be done responsibly and legally to avoid fines, penalties, or legal complications. This comprehensive guide by Greenway Auto Recycling, a leading scrap car buyer, will take you through the process of legally scrapping a car in Ontario.

Determining the Car’s Status

The first step in the legal process of scrapping a car is to determine its status. If your car no longer operates due to extensive damage or age, it’s considered an End-of-Life Vehicle (ELV). A derelict vehicle, on the other hand, is a car that has been left unattended for an extended period and can’t be safely operated. Finally, a car that’s been stripped of parts and ready for recycling is termed a scrap car. The disposal process will vary depending on the status of your vehicle.

Choosing a Certified Auto Recycler

In Ontario, the government advises vehicle owners to use the services of certified auto recyclers, such as Greenway Auto Recycling. These establishments adhere to strict environmental standards when dismantling and recycling vehicles, ensuring that hazardous materials are handled and disposed of appropriately.

Removing Personal Items

Before you start the scrap car removal process, ensure you remove all personal items from the vehicle. Check every nook and cranny – glove box, trunk, under seats, side pockets, etc. You might find items like paperwork, chargers, sunglasses, or CDs left behind.

Canceling Your Car Insurance

Before proceeding with scrapping your car, it’s important to cancel any existing insurance policies on the vehicle. Reach out to your insurance provider and inform them that your vehicle will be scrapped. You may be eligible for a refund on any prepaid premiums.

Removing the License Plates

In Ontario, you need to remove the license plates from your vehicle before it’s scrapped. These plates can be returned to ServiceOntario or transferred to another vehicle you own. This step is critical to ensure you’re no longer legally associated with the scrapped vehicle.

Choosing a Scrap Car Buyer

Next, choose a reputable scrap car buyer like Greenway Auto Recycling. We buy all kinds of cars, regardless of their condition, offering a fair price for each vehicle. Ensure the scrap car buyer is compliant with Ontario’s laws and regulations, has positive customer reviews, and offers good customer service.

Arranging for Car Removal

Most scrap car buyers offer car removal services. At Greenway Auto Recycling, we provide free pickup of your scrap car, making the process hassle-free for our customers. Alternatively, if your car is still drivable, you could deliver it to the auto recycler yourself.

Completing the Required Paperwork

Upon arrival at the auto recycling facility, you’ll need to complete some paperwork. This typically involves signing over the ownership of the vehicle to the scrap car buyer. The auto recycler should provide you with a receipt or proof of purchase for your records.

Notifying the Ministry of Transportation

Once the paperwork is completed, and your car has been accepted for scrapping, you’ll need to inform the Ministry of Transportation. You can do this by filling out the “Vehicle Portion of a Permit” from ServiceOntario. This form is found on the back of your vehicle registration permit and notifies the government that you no longer own the vehicle.

Getting Paid for Your Scrap Car

Finally, it’s time for the most rewarding part of the process – getting paid for your scrap car. When dealing with a reputable scrap car buyer like Greenway Auto Recycling, you can rest assured that you will receive a fair and competitive price for your vehicle.


Scrapping your car in Ontario is a legal and straightforward process, especially when you choose to work with an experienced scrap car buyer like Greenway Auto Recycling. We offer a hassle-free experience from the start, including free scrap car removal, and ensuring you get the best value for your scrap car.

Remember, the journey of your car doesn’t end when it reaches the end of its life. By responsibly scrapping your car, you’re contributing to a greener and more sustainable future. If you’re ready to scrap your vehicle, call us at (416) 875-3215 today. We buy all kinds of cars in any condition, offering a convenient and legal way to recycle your old vehicle.


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